Why Would A Doctor Order A Full Body Bone Scan?

How long does a full body bone scan take?

A whole body bone scan takes around 3-4 hours, which includes two separate visits.

In the first visit you will be given an injection of a radioactive isotope into a vein in your arm.

There are no side effects to this injection.

The isotope takes 2-3 hours to circulate in the blood and get absorbed in the bone..

How much is a full body bone scan?

This includes one of the following scans: bone scan, 3 phase bone scan, bone joint scan for limited area or whole body bone joint imaging with SPECT. How Much Does a Bone Scan Cost? On MDsave, the cost of a Bone Scan ranges from $410 to $906.

Are bone scans accurate?

The most common Bone Scan, which has been around for decades is the T99 or Technetium 99 Bone Scan. It has pretty good accuracy overall. But the F18 (Sodium Fluoride) PET Bone Scan is known to have higher accuracy (REF).

Can a bone scan show inflammation?

INTRODUCTION. Bone scan is one of the most common and oldest examinations among all nuclear medicine procedures. It is used in the evaluation of benign bone disease like infection/inflammation and also is the standard of care for evaluating metastatic disease in the breast, prostate, and lung cancer.

Can a bone scan detect a herniated disc?

Imaging Tests for Herniated Discs An x-ray can show a narrowed disc space, fracture, bone spur, or arthritis, which may rule out disc herniation. A computerized axial tomography scan (a CT or CAT scan) or a magnetic resonance imaging test (an MRI) both can show soft tissue of a bulging disc.

What does a positive bone scan mean?

A bone scan is a nuclear medicine test. This means that the procedure uses a very small amount of a radioactive substance, called a tracer. The tracer is injected into a vein. It shows possible cancer in areas where too much or too little tracer has been absorbed by the body.

Does a bone scan show osteoporosis?

A bone density scan can detect thinning bones at an early stage. If you already have osteoporosis, bone scans can also tell you how fast the disease is progressing. But an abnormal bone scan can create as many questions as it answers.

What does a hot spot on a bone scan mean?

The tracer has accumulated in certain areas of the bone, indicating one or more “hot” spots. Hot spots may be caused by a fracture that is healing, bone cancer, a bone infection (osteomyelitis), arthritis, or a disease of abnormal bone metabolism (such as Paget’s disease).

What is a whole body scan nuclear medicine?

A Whole Body Scan (WBS) is a scan performed in nuclear medicine. This scan is done to check for the return or spread of thyroid cancer cells.

Do you get bone scan results immediately?

Depending on the reason for the bone scan, your doctor may begin imaging immediately. As the substance spreads through your body, the bone’s cells naturally gravitate to areas that need repair. The substance’s radioactive tracers follow these cells and collect in spots where bone is damaged.

What does arthritis look like on a bone scan?

Areas of extra bone activity (common in both cancer and arthritis) will show up on the scan because the radioactive substance collects in areas of new bone formation. These areas appear as dark patches on the film. … That’s because the spine is made up of so many little bones and joints.

What does an abnormal bone scan look like?

Results are considered abnormal when the scan shows darker “hot spots” or lighter “cold spots” in the bones. Hot spots describe places where an excess of radioactive substance has collected. Cold spots, on the other hand, are areas where it didn’t collect at all.

What does increased uptake mean on a bone scan?

The more active the bone turnover, the more radioactive material will be seen. Some tumors, fractures and infections show up as areas of increased uptake. Others can cause decreased uptake of radioactive material.

What can a whole body bone scan detect?

A bone scan is an imaging test used to help diagnose problems with your bones. It safely uses a very small amount of a radioactive drug called a radiopharmaceutical. … A bone scan can also be used to determine whether cancer has spread to the bones from another area of the body, such as the prostate or breast.

Can I eat and drink before a bone scan?

Usually, you do not need special preparation before a bone scan. For example, you can eat and drink normally before your appointment. But tell your health care team about all medications you take. Medicines that contain barium or bismuth can affect the test results.

Why am I having a bone scan?

Your doctor may order a bone scan if they think you have a problem in your bones. A bone scan can also help find the cause of any unexplained bone pain you’re experiencing. Bone scans may reveal bone problems associated with the following conditions: … cancer that has spread to the bone from other parts of the body.

Will a bone scan show arthritis?

Bone scans can help diagnose several problems, including: Broken bones, especially hips, or stress fractures, which can be hard to see on X-rays. Arthritis.

What does a black spot on a bone scan mean?

Test Overview During a bone scan, a radioactive substance called a tracer is injected into a vein in your arm. … Areas that absorb little or no amount of tracer appear as dark or “cold” spots. This could show a lack of blood supply to the bone or certain types of cancer.