What Is Shake Shack Famous For?

Shake Shack’s ShackBurger While Shake Shack has invented plenty of ways to tempt your taste buds, their original ShackBurger still reigns supreme.

You can have either a single or double patty, and have it with or without American cheese.

The ShackBurger is topped with tomato, lettuce, and their coveted ShackSauce..

What makes Shake Shack unique?

The New York Times calls Shake Shack the “anti-chain chain,” saying that its dedication to quality and customer service bucked stereotypes of traditional fast food. Shake Shack spends barely any money on marketing, instead focusing on the quality of food.

Is Shake Shack good quality?

A double Shackburger costs $7.99, and a regular shake will set you back $5.19; however, if price isn’t an issue, the quality of the food is definitely worth it. … Serving quality food at a great location, Shake Shack is sure to quickly establish itself as one of the best fast food restaurants in town.

Are Shake Shack burgers frozen?

Their website states that their burgers are made with 100 percent all-natural Angus beef that are “vegetarian fed, humanely raised and source verified.” Other products, such as their fries and frozen custard, are made “with zero artificial ingredients…

What kind of meat does shake shack use?

Angus beefOur custom Shack blend is freshly ground, never frozen, from 100% Angus beef that’s pasture raised, grain finished—no hormones or antibiotics, ever. All our burgers are served on a non-GMO Martin’s Potato Roll. P.S. We have gluten-free buns and lettuce wraps, too!

Why do people love Shake Shack?

Customer Service. “Unlike the workers at most fast-food outlets, Shake Shack employees give the impression that they truly like their customers,” The Times’ Wells writes. Shake Shack pays workers an average hourly wage of $10.70, and it offers health benefits and paid time off.

Does Shake Shack serve alcohol?

4. They have their own beer and wine. While alcohol isn’t served at all Shake Shacks, those that do don’t just serve the average Bud Light. Brewed exclusively for the restaurant by Brooklyn Brewery, Shackmeister Ale is a deep golden IPA that’s bitter, bright and very versatile.

Is Shake Shack worth the hype?

For us, Shake Shack just isn’t worth the wait or hype. It’s good and if you can come when the lines die down, we recommend it. Otherwise, think about what 2 hours are worth to you.

Is Shake Shack overpriced?

Shake Shack is slightly more expensive than other boutique (or mainstream) burger joints. A meal consisting of a Shack Burger, a signature frozen custard shake, and fries will cost $13.

What is the best thing to order at Shake Shack?

Shake Shack rankingsShackBurger. … Concrete. … Shack Stack. … Fries. … Shack-cago dog. … ‘Shroom Burger. … Milkshakes. … Veggie Burger. A black bean burger laced with ground beets makes for a sweet patty topped with sharp cheese and the typical fixings if you’re feeling like getting in your veggies and being healthyish.More items…•

Is Shake Shack overrated?

Overall, I found Shake Shack to be overrated. Although the food was tasty and I love their efforts of serving up better ingredients, the long lines, tiny portions, and hefty prices just aren’t worth it.

What makes Shake Shack burgers so good?

A proper patty is key to that distinct Shake Shack flavor “For us that’s somewhere around 20/80 (fat/meat). … This crust is essential for holding in the juices and flavor of the beef. After a slice of American cheese is perfectly melted, the burger is taken off the grill for its awaiting bun.