Quick Answer: Did Dumbledore Know Sirius Black Was Innocent?

Why did Sirius Black attack the fat lady?

Sirius Black attacked The Fat Lady because she wouldn’t open the door.

Sirius Black came to know that Peter Pettigrew is living with Ron Weasly who is residing in the Gryffindor House as a pet rat (Scabbers).

He persuaded Crookshanks to capture him, but Crookshanks failed to do so..

Who knew Sirius Black was innocent?

No, as far as he knew Sirius was the traitor, and Peter had died a hero trying to apprehend him. And Sirius felt so guilty about the fact that he had suggested Peter as Secret Keeper that he didn’t deny his guilt, and laughed hysterically when he was arrested.

Who did Sirius Black kill?

Peter PettigrewSirius Black He was then subsequentally burnt out of the family tapestry for daring to be different. Next up: he was imprisoned in Azkaban for over a decade for the murder of 12 Muggles and his former best friend Peter Pettigrew, who actually framed him and faked his own death.

Who broke Bellatrix out of Azkaban?

MASS BREAKOUT FROM AZKABAN was a Daily Prophet article about the 1996 mass breakout from Azkaban, in which ten Death Eaters, including Bellatrix Lestrange, Antonin Dolohov, and Augustus Rookwood, were able to break out of their cells with the help of the Dementor guards, who had switched sides and were following Lord …

Who was Sirius Black in love with?

It wasn’t told in the series. But he had one strong love for someone very special towards him… Harry Potter. Sirius Black had no love interests, because it was basically not mentioned in the books nor in the film franchise.

Why was Sirius Black innocent?

Once Sirius traps Harry in the Shrieking Shack, we learn that Sirius is innocent and it is actually Peter Pettigrew who supported Voldemort; Pettigrew was made the Potters’ Secret Keeper and then betrayed them to Voldemort.

Why did Sirius Black not kill Harry Potter?

Sirius black never wanted to kill Harry Potter. He wanted to kill Peter Pettigrew (wormtail) for betraying Lily and James to Voldemort.

Why did Sirius Black break into Gryffindor?

Description. Sirius Black attempted to break into the Gryffindor Tower to kill Peter Pettigrew, but was stopped by the Fat Lady in her portrait, whom he stabbed and fled.

Why was Sirius Black laughing?

He was laughing, because he was dead to rights, and he knew it. He knew that Peter had pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes for years, and now he had even framed Sirius for everything.

Is Sirius Black a good guy?

Sirius Black is a good person. … Sirius was a faithful friend, a loving godfather, he was brave, fearless and caring. The fact that James and Lily, Harry and Remus loved him so much says a lot.

Why did Sirius Black betray the Potters?

The answer is that Sirius wanted to deflect attention from the real Secret-Keeper. He probably hoped Voldemort would go after him so he could steer attention away from Pettigrew.

Was Sirius Black a Slytherin?

Although he was the heir of the House of Black, Sirius disagreed with his family’s belief in blood purity and defied tradition when he was Sorted into Gryffindor House instead of Slytherin at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, which he attended from 1971-1978.

Did Sirius Black Kill 12 muggles?

He was the first wizard to escape Azkaban prison, after being kept there twelve years for a crime that he did not commit. The betrayal of James and Lily Potter, the murder of Peter Pettigrew and 12 muggles with an unknown curse.

Did Hagrid know Sirius was innocent?

Sirius doesn’t even know that he will be charged of guilty of a crime when he met Hagrid. … But he does not have a clue that Dumbledore would confess to the Ministry of Magic about the fact that Sirius would have been the Secret Keeper. Dumbledore had knowledge that there is a spy of Voldemort in the Order of Phoenix.

Did Snape know Sirius was an Animagus?

Snape had not yelled or jumped backwards, but the look on his face was one of mingled fury and horror. If you’re asking why he didn’t recognize Sirius’s dog form, he’d never seen it. … He wasn’t shocked to learn that Sirius was an animagus; as you say, he already knew.

Why don t the Dementors affect Sirius Black?

Since Dementors can not properly sense the less complex thoughts and emotions of a person when he takes on an Animagus form, doing so allowed Sirius Black, to temporarily avoid feeling the effects of the Dementors’ presence.