Quick Answer: Can You Use Stranded Wire For A Light Switch?

How far can 12 gauge wire run?

The following are the maximum lengths of cable you can use while still maintaining a 3 percent voltage drop for the given wire size (AWG) and circuit voltage….For 120-volt circuits:14 AWG50 feet12 AWG60 feet10 AWG64 feet8 AWG76 feet6 AWG94 feetOct 20, 2019.

Can stranded wire carry more current than solid?

but in solid wire of same length resistance of that wire is higher than stranded wire. hence stranded wire carries more current than solid wire due to lower resistance. … Thus due to extra surface area more surface current flows . Therefore in stranded wire current flow is more.

What wire is better solid or stranded?

In general, solid cables are better electrical conductors and provide superior, stable electrical characteristics over a wider range of frequencies. They are also considered more rugged and less likely affected by vibration or susceptible to corrosion since they have less surface area than stranded conductors.

What gauge wire do I need for a light switch?

14-gaugeTip: Before you replace or install a light switch, it’s important to make sure the new switch matches the amperage rating and voltage of where it’s being installed. 15 amp switches should be connected to a 14-gauge wire, which is found in most homes.

Can I mix 12 and 14 gauge wire?

Anyway, the first subject is a bit touchy because it makes it difficult to perform an inspection when all of the wires coming into the panel are 12 but many of the circuits have 14 in them too. There is nothing against code mixing wire size for these circuits as long as the OCPD matches the smallest wire.

Can you pigtail a light switch?

For example, where a wall switch needs to control two or more light fixtures fed by different cables leading from the switch box, a short black pigtail wire is used to connect the screw terminal on the switch to the hot wires leading to the light fixtures.

What kind of wire do you use for a light switch?

As long as you don’t put too many lights on the light circuit, you can usually control that circuit with a 15-amp breaker, as well as wire it with a 14-gauge wire. On the other hand, an outlet circuit controlled by a 20-amp breaker requires a 12-gauge wire.

Can I use stranded wire with solid wire?

Larger wiring sizes are not available in solid, because they are impossible to bend. You can use stranded wire anytime you can get it, and your terminations are listed for stranded wire. For instance a backstab (push-in) connector might be listed for ”14 AWG solid” in which case they mean “not stranded”.

Can I use 12 gauge wire for lights?

Yes, it is okay to use 12-2 cable to supply lighting fixtures. The other answer indicates that it even with 12-2 you have to use a 15A breaker for lighting circuits which is not strictly correct. If the entire circuit is 12AWG (other than fixture wires), then a 20A breaker may be used.

Can you use 10 2 wire outlet?

Safety wise, it is fine to use a larger than required wire. Mechanical wise, a #10 should fit in the breaker OK (look at specs on breaker), but might not in the GFCI.