Question: What Mcflurrys Are At McDonald’S?

What are the McFlurry flavors at McDonald’s?

A Definitive Ranking of McDonald’s McFlurry FlavorsReese’s Peanut Butter Cup.Praline and Cream.






In my opinion, Butterfingers are an overlooked candy bar.


To begin the list is a classic: the M&M’s McFlurry.


What Mcflurrys do McDonald’s do?

Desserts & ShakesHot Fudge Sundae.Hot Caramel Sundae.Cadbury Creme Egg McFlurry.Oreo McFlurry.M&M’s McFlurry.SKOR McFlurry.Vanilla Cone.Chocolate Triple Thick Milkshake.More items…

What is in the new McFlurry at McDonald’s?

(CNN) – McDonald’s is rolling out its first new seasonal Mcflurry in seven years and the flavor is snickerdoodle! The fast-food chain said it wanted to give customers something special to celebrate the holidays. The sweet treat combines vanilla soft serve ice cream and crunchy crumbles of sweet cinnamon cookies.

Does Mcdonalds have a large McFlurry?

I don’t remember a large McFlurry, so it may not have been available in all markets. But back in the early 2000’s, they downsized items. They eliminated the Extra Large sizes for soda and fries, Large, Medium, and Small shakes went from 32 oz, 20 oz, and 16 oz, to 20 oz, 16 oz, and 10 oz.

Is McFlurry unhealthy?

The McFlurry may be an iconic dessert offering at McDonald’s, but with a sweet ice cream base and even more sugar mixed in, this clocks in at a whopping 86 grams of sugar — almost as much as seven McDonald’s Apple Pies! Since the FDA recommends no more than 50 grams of added sugar per day, this is a hard pass.

How much is a small Oreo McFlurry?

McDonalds Menu Price CategoriesItemPriceItemPriceMcFlurry with M&Ms (Snack Size)$1.69McFlurry with OREO Cookies (Regular)$2.39McFlurry with OREO Cookies (Snack Size)$1.699 more rows•Aug 20, 2016

Which is better Oreo or M&M McFlurry?

Surprisingly, the cookies are the better choice in either size. (Putting the snack sizes head-to-head, the Oreo McFlurry has 90 fewer calories and 25% less fat than the M&M version.)

Why is a McFlurry spoon?

No, they’re not faulty, square straws — as it turns out, the spoons are actually used to make your McFlurry. Better yet, the spoons help cut down on work and time for the staff so that the process of making the sweet treat is all the more efficient (via Fox News).

Which McFlurry is the best?

The Best McDonald’s McFlurry Flavors, Ranked From Worst To Best8 Rolo. McDonald’s. … 7 Pralines & Cream. McDonald’s. … 6 Butterfinger. McDonald’s. … 5 Snickers. McDonald’s. … 4 Twix. McDonald’s. … 3 Oreo. McDonald’s. … 2 Stroopwafel. McDonald’s. … 1 Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup. McDonald’s.More items…•