Question: Is Onision Still Married To Lainey?

Is Kai a girl onision?

(formally Kai Elaine Avaroe), (born Taylor Elaine Anderson) was born on October 16, 1994, and is the husband of controversial YouTuber James Jackson, known for his channel identity “Onision”.

He had been known as Lainey for many years and transitioned to Kai and solely male pronouns..

Is Kai a girl or boy onision?

He has come out as a transgender man and goes by he/him pronouns. Originally, Greg had a major involvement in Kai’s channel, appearing in nearly every video and editing them. However, in 2017 Kai took control of his own channel and now regularly maintains it, although a video has not been uploaded for months now.

How old is Kai Laineybot?

25 years (October 16, 1994)Kai/Age

What age is onision?

34 years (November 11, 1985)Onision/Age

What happened with onision and Chris Hansen?

Hansen has been interviewing alleged victims of Onision on his YouTube series ‘Have a Seat With Chris Hansen’ … Over the course of their relationship, she claimed Onision filmed her having seizures instead of seeking medical attention, in addition to shaving her head without consent.

Did onision quit?

Following a nearly year-long campaign for YouTube to deplatform Onision, the controversial creator claimed he was leaving the platform himself — for OnlyFans. … Patreon banned Onision from its platform in late 2019 for alleged doxxing, and Twitch has also struck down his account, though it now appears to be back up.

What did onision say?

Onision provided a vague statement in which he said: “I do not want to participate in this circus without compensation, I should be paid to endure to [sic] stupidity of the current state of outrage/online culture.” Insider did not pay the fee.

Who is onision married to?

Kai Avaroem. 2012Skye Tantagam. 2005–2011Onision/Spouse

How old is cool guy Kai?

25 years (October 16, 1994)Kai/Age

What is onision going to jail for?

In 2019, allegations of child grooming and abuse were levied at Jackson and his spouse, Kai Avaroe.

Are onision and Kai together?

Jackson’s current partner is Kai, a Jackson fan who identified as a woman named Lainey until March of 2017. Kai married the YouTuber in 2011, when he was 17 and Jackson was 26. The pair have two children together. Kai did not respond to repeated requests for comment.

Are onision and Lainey still together 2019?

Kai, or CoolGuyKai (previously known as Lainey or LaineyBot), is Greg’s current spouse. They have been together since early 2012. In 2019 Kai announced he identifies as a trans man and goes by he/him or they/them pronouns.

Why was onision discharged?

The most recent version of his story is that he is honorably discharged because he refused to kill a rabbit he was forced to bond with prior to his survival training and in efforts to avoid having to kill said rabbit, he tried to argue his way out of the exercise with his superiors.

Is Kai going to jail?

Kai was imprisoned for over five years awaiting trial which began April 1, 2019. Kai took the stand in his own defense and was combative during cross examination; he made an outburst during his defense lawyers closing arguments nearly leading to his expulsion from the court room.