Question: How Do You Take Care Of A Log Cabin Home?

Can I live in log cabin permanently?

Living permanently in a log cabin home is actually perfectly possible as long as the correct level of insulation is installed and you fit double glazing etc..

What are the disadvantages of a log home?

3 Cons of a Log HomePest Control Can Be an Issue. A disturbing detractor for log homes is the fact that pests are attracted to materials used. … Increased Maintenance and Upkeep. It’s no secret that log homes require much more maintenance than traditional homes. … Higher Insurance & Risk.

Can you pressure wash a log cabin?

Proper Technique Pressure washing can be perfectly safe for your log home so long as you use the right technique. Always keep the wand moving, especially at higher psi settings, and use a wide fan setting. Holding the stream in the same place for too long or standing too close could damage the wood.

What are the pros and cons of a log home?

Here’s a look at the pros and cons of today’s custom log home construction:PRO: Green Building Material. … CON: Higher Maintenance Level. … PRO: Energy Efficient. … CON: Insurance Can Be Tough To Find. … PRO: Available in Kits.

How do I keep my log cabin from rotting?

ALWAYS keep it well ventilated. Ventilation and allowing timber to dry if wet stops all Rot. Here is further information on Ventilation in a log cabin. ONLY use an expensive treatment so you know that you will be getting a depth of at least 80 microns.

Should I treat the inside of my log cabin?

We recommend you treat the outside of your building with 2-3 coats initially. You should also treat the interior walls of your cabin with a stain or paint suitable for wood. … To be clear, all external bare wood must be treated immediately after installation with a good quality product.

How do you clean an old log cabin?

A: There is a hierarchy of remedies for dust and grime on interior logs, depending on the level of buildup, the finish of the logs and your propensity for elbow grease. The simple solution would be to try a cleanser like Murphy’s Oil soap. Sponge the liquid soap on the logs, scrub, then wipe them down.

How often do you have to seal a log home?

For example, once your entire home is properly sealed the south and west walls will usually need recoating first (often within 3-5 years). The north and east outside walls are more protected from UV sunlight and weather, and may need resealing only every 5-8 years.

How often do you have to stain a log home?

every 3 to 7 yearsThe short answer is, you should stain your log home or cabin every 3 to 7 years depending on the kind of stain you use and how much your cabin gets exposed to things like wind, rain, sun, hail, and other harmful elements.

How do you remove old stains from a log home?

In most cases, media blasting is the best way to remove stain quickly and easily. Over the years, log refinishing and refurbishing companies have experimented with a variety of media: sand, corncob grit, glass pellets, walnut shells — even baking soda and dry ice.

How hard is it to maintain a log cabin?

Chinking when applied right will make your log home protected for years. Log cabins or log houses are not very much difficult to maintain. Wood preservative liquids should be applied to these houses as soon as the construction has been completed.