Question: Are Skinny Dip Cases Good?

Are skinny dip phone cases protective?

Please note: Although our cases are designed for all-round protection, unfortunately no case is indestructible and Skinnydip does not warrant that this case will protect your phone against all circumstances.

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How long does Skinny Dip take to deliver?

If you order with us before 3pm Monday-Friday, you can expect your order to be delivered to you within 3-5 working days. If you haven’t received your order within this time frame, please contact us.

Who delivers skinny dip?

Hermes#answer# As we currently ship with Hermes, they state that your courier will make three attempts to deliver your parcel or alternatively may leave your parcel in a safe place that is convenient for you to collect.

What does Skinny Dip mean?

skinny-dipping in British English (ˈskɪnɪˌdɪpɪŋ) informal. the act of going swimming in the nude. They used to take off their clothes and go skinny-dipping in the creek. Collins English Dictionary.