Different kinds of pests and how to handle

Hiring a pest inspector is a must in any condition. You wouldn’t want to live in a house full of parasites, always thinking that your roof might fall while you sleep.

With CLOWES HOME INSPECTION, we assure you that your problem will be addressed and we will show you tips on how to solve simple problems in your house.


We first look for termites or other wood-destroying pests such as carpenter ants, carpenter beetles or the like. We look at window sills or at places where there is light. We would also look for cobwebs, shelter tubes, which are built by termites from soil or wood and debris. Wood damage is not easily seen by the naked eye, but through a thorough inspection, you would see a bigger termite inspect. We would see places where the wood touches a soil because it is a major entry point of termites.

Local or spot controls which include the use of pesticides, electrocution, extreme cold, extreme heat, microwave energy may be the initial solution for termite infestation. If not, removal and replacement of infested structural timber are done.


Carpenter ants would often stay in rotten or damp wood.They would leave sawdust known as “frass.” For the first solution, fumigation or spraying of insecticide on their main nest will be done.


Wood-boring beetles are typically found in older homes, or homes that have damp wood. These pests might not be as familiar as termites, but they bore into wood, much like termites do. Initial treatment will include fumigation or local fumigation in which borate-based chemicals will be injected into the wood. In a worst-case scenario, we would recommend you remove and replace columns of woods that are infested.


Dry rot is the result of fungus growing in the forest. It often occurs when the wood is moist, and the fungus will live due to the moisture that will go deeper into the wood which will further spread. Some cases, we might advise you to use epoxy or seal the wood, or in a typical case, we would recommend you to remove and replace the wood.


Although they are termed ‘bed bugs,’ bed bugs will travel anywhere in the world. Some buyers might consider your dream home and accidentally leave them there. These bugs are not seen by the naked eye, and they can quickly reproduce five eggs a day. We will consider this problem and give you the best solution we can get.

These are not the only solutions that we will give you; we will provide you with long ways to assure you every bug is killed and they will never bug you again!

Although these might be an additional cost in your dream house, it is better to be safe than sorry. Spending extra bucks now are better than dealing with different reactions in the future. With our service, we assure you that we will not leave on bug behind, and teach you simple techniques to maintain a bug-free place.

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