Is Mold Dangerous?

Mold often live in places where there is moisture. It is often neglected because the cause hides in between walls. You might not think mold inspection is essential, but after reading this, contact us now to inspect your place.

Although bathrooms and basements are the typical areas where mold growth is present, there are also areas that are prone to mold growth. Damp and dark places are often the hiding spots of mold growth. Some places such as drywall, ceiling tiles, carpets, furniture, ductwork, roofing, paneling, wallpaper, and other areas where there are pipes are other possible places for mold growth.


Your health concerns should be dealt with by a professional. We are just giving you a little information about the effects of fungi in your everyday living.

  • Allergies
    Initial reaction from molds is an allergy. You might have a runny nose or sneeze a lot in only a particular room. The mold fungi can give you an allergic reaction. It is not quickly developed; you might only see it after some years. Also, it is not an excellent idea to live or work in the mold-infested environment.
  • Ingesting Mold
    People sometimes accidentally ingest food that has mold growth. We should not let our families put moldy items in their mouths. There will be severe adverse health effects when you ingest molds, due to mycotoxins present in molds.
  • Inhaling Molds
    There is no proper evidence to show that there is an effect when one inhales mold, but it does not mean that inhaling molds are safe to our health. Although it might not have a direct impact on your help, we should not set aside and let it grow.
  • Is it possible to eliminate mold?
    Inspect thoroughly all the areas that may have pipes or may have access to moisture. Controlling these pests is vital. Mold spores will not grow if there is no moisture.

Here are some tips to know and destroy molds in your home:

  • Look for possible leaks in plumbing, have it repaired and replaced if needed.
  • Dehumidifying air during wet seasons can help reduce moisture buildup.
  • Avoid using carpets or any other rugs in your basements of bathrooms.
  • Having proper ventilation in your home can prevent or control the moisture level in your house.
  • Open bathroom windows when you are showering.
  • Clothes dryers and stoves should be placed outside if possible.
  • Turn on the vent whenever possible, this will eliminate the source of moisture in your house.
  • Scrub tiles, walls, window sills and other hard surfaces and let it dry. These places are a favorite of mold growth.
  • Know that you need a pro. We should address the problem now, rather than having a bigger problem in the future.

Cleaning molds is dependent to the extent of contamination.

With the help of CLOWES HOME INSPECTION, we assure you that we will address your situation and fix it accordingly. We give the best solutions that is fitted to your needs.

What is Mold Inspection? Do I need to avail it?

You might say that new homes won’t have mold and you don’t need to have mold inspection, well, you are wrong. Mold can grow anywhere, you might not see it directly, but you need to have your house inspected rather than to be sorry in the long run.

Mold inspection is identifying if there is mold growth in your future home. You might think it is only an additional cost, but it is not. At CLOWES HOME INSPECTION, we assure you that mold inspection is a must.

Here are some things you need to know about us:

  • We have qualified mold inspectors. We only give the best for our clients. Our inspectors have formal professional training and years of experience in dealing with mold.
  • Mold inspection will look for the past and current mold growth. We will consider the past and present home problems. Molds may be a result of a water problem, which may come back if left untreated. We will help you treat not only your mold problem but also your water problem.
  • Molds, sometimes, cannot be easily seen. At CLOWES HOME INSPECTION, we will look at the house, inside the walls, and other spots where mold could live. It could potentially cause structural damage such as wood decay if left untreated.
  • Some molds are OKAY. There are different types of molds such as Ceratosystisan Ophiostoma that are healthy to grow on lumber, although they might give off black appearance. We will test every mold inside your house to figure out the best way to treat them.
  • Moisture in wood is the primary cause. Our trained inspectors will look for moisture found in between woods or wet woods. Using our moisture meter, we will see if wood is a likely spot for mold growth. Our workers will provide you with excellent solutions to eliminate moist woods and moisture throughout the house.
  • Mold inspection is only the first step. Although it might be a dreary process, there are two home inspections that your dream house will go through, and the mold inspection is only the first one. You will also need to have a pest control to know your house entirely. There are other irritants throughout the house, and it might cause discomfort if you do not eradicate them.

It’s better to detect it early on; it is better to spend a couple more dollars now rather than to suffer long-term consequences.

You need to remember a few details to know if there are mold infestations:

  • A runny nose, sneezing, or other related problems in a particular part of a house.
  • If you see several damp kinds of wood or woods with moisture in your house.
  • If you see black spotting in your lumber

Different kinds of pests and how to handle

Hiring a pest inspector is a must in any condition. You wouldn’t want to live in a house full of parasites, always thinking that your roof might fall while you sleep.

With CLOWES HOME INSPECTION, we assure you that your problem will be addressed and we will show you tips on how to solve simple problems in your house.


We first look for termites or other wood-destroying pests such as carpenter ants, carpenter beetles or the like. We look at window sills or at places where there is light. We would also look for cobwebs, shelter tubes, which are built by termites from soil or wood and debris. Wood damage is not easily seen by the naked eye, but through a thorough inspection, you would see a bigger termite inspect. We would see places where the wood touches a soil because it is a major entry point of termites.

Local or spot controls which include the use of pesticides, electrocution, extreme cold, extreme heat, microwave energy may be the initial solution for termite infestation. If not, removal and replacement of infested structural timber are done.


Carpenter ants would often stay in rotten or damp wood.They would leave sawdust known as “frass.” For the first solution, fumigation or spraying of insecticide on their main nest will be done.


Wood-boring beetles are typically found in older homes, or homes that have damp wood. These pests might not be as familiar as termites, but they bore into wood, much like termites do. Initial treatment will include fumigation or local fumigation in which borate-based chemicals will be injected into the wood. In a worst-case scenario, we would recommend you remove and replace columns of woods that are infested.


Dry rot is the result of fungus growing in the forest. It often occurs when the wood is moist, and the fungus will live due to the moisture that will go deeper into the wood which will further spread. Some cases, we might advise you to use epoxy or seal the wood, or in a typical case, we would recommend you to remove and replace the wood.


Although they are termed ‘bed bugs,’ bed bugs will travel anywhere in the world. Some buyers might consider your dream home and accidentally leave them there. These bugs are not seen by the naked eye, and they can quickly reproduce five eggs a day. We will consider this problem and give you the best solution we can get.

These are not the only solutions that we will give you; we will provide you with long ways to assure you every bug is killed and they will never bug you again!

Although these might be an additional cost in your dream house, it is better to be safe than sorry. Spending extra bucks now are better than dealing with different reactions in the future. With our service, we assure you that we will not leave on bug behind, and teach you simple techniques to maintain a bug-free place.

Pest Inspection is a must!

Many landowners often get a home inspection, but they forgot about pest control. Before signing the dotted line, you must examine all aspects of the house.

Purchasing your dream home is a significant investment. Having a pest inspection before buying will save you tons of money in the future.

It is not easy to look for pests and termites using your naked eyes, often, they are slight and undetectable.

Common pests such as flies, cockroaches, mosquitos, fleas, mites, mice, rats, bed bugs, molds, mildew can cause severe health problems that would break the bank. While beetles, carpenter bees, carpenter ants, and critters could destroy your structural timbers, wood panels, and other wood products.

We would like you to be protected in our three-fold mission.

We protect your dream home

We wouldn’t want you to live in a house filled with different bugs and termites. We will consider every aspect, and test for various infestation.

We protect your family

Pests can break down the foundation of your home, but they could bring it down! Mice, rats, cockroaches, termites, carpenter ants and carpenter bees cause severe structural damage to your dream house. We wouldn’t want your ceiling to fall off in the middle of your living room.

We protect your sanity

Having pests in your house is not easy, it can make you go crazy. We will protect your rationality; we will figure out every problem, to give you the best service we can.

Getting rid of pests is not an easy task. We take serious but safe precautionary measures to ensure that the pests will not come back.

How do we do it?
  • We will survey the household.

    We will do a thorough inspection in your house, locate all the problem areas and list it down.

  • Identifying the pests

    Before the treatment, we will determine the pests present in the house, this is to ensure that the proper treatment is given.

  • Customers must be patient

    Our company is made of real people, not sorcerers. We couldn’t solve problems ASAP. As customers, you need to be patient to kill off all the infestations inside your house. We do series of tests and extermination, ensuring you that your problem will not happen again.

What not to do if you think there is a pest

A majority of individuals will do DIY projects to save up money, but in turn, they might worsen the condition rather than fixing it. Leave it to us; we are experts in this field.


With CLOWES HOME INSPECTION, we can help you to identify and solve different issues of property. We will ensure that your property is in excellent condition, if not, we will find ways to eradicate these problems and show you quick solutions for your future reference.

After our thorough inspection, we will recommend if the house is fitted for you, if not, we will help you settle an agreement with the seller to ensure that it will cover all the costs needed in fixing the property.