Why Do You Need To Hire A Professional Home Inspector?

A lot of first-time home buyers are ecstatic and couldn’t wait to move into their new homes. While it is perfectly understandable that you want to immediately occupy the space, it is important to remember that purchasing a new home comes with a lot of responsibilities. And one of the major responsibilities of new homeowners is to make sure that the house is clear of pests.

You are lucky if you’ve lived all your life in a pest-free environment because you wouldn’t know what it feels like to live in a pest-infested home. However, once you start living in one, it will turn your dream house into a nightmare, and we don’t think you would want to risk that given the fact that houses today are super expensive. A home that has pest issues will require on your end a great amount of time and money, and the amount you’ll be spending on it will also depend on the extent of the damage.

All these pest issues can be cleared and controlled once you hire a professional home inspector. Our advice for future homebuyers is this: before you conclude an agreement and sign contracts, it is wise that you contact or hire a home inspector first. A professional home inspector can accurately assess your home. Furthermore, he or she is fully trained to find any signs of pest infestation if there are any. It’s safe to say that a home inspector can save you a great deal of money by saving your new home from pest damage or it could save you from buying a pest-infested house, giving you a good reason to back out. Aside from these, here are other reasons why you need to hire a professional home inspector before buying your dream house.

  •    Your Home Inspector Will Help Identify Safety Issues Beforehand

We all want our homes to be safe for everyone especially if we have kids running around. Sometimes, safety issues aren’t that blatant and sometimes it may not cause a problem in the here and now but eventually it will in the long run. As harmless as a dripping faucet or a broken door handle may seem, these seemingly innocuous issues will likely cause harm in the future when left unaddressed. A dripping faucet can cause mold problems in the future and a defective door handle can make it hard for you to escape in cases of emergency. A home inspector makes sure that safety issues in your home are addressed.

  •    Your Home Inspector Can Explain The Difference Between Superficial And Serious Pest Issues

Having a home inspector at your disposal will help you identify existing problems in your home whether these are serious or superficial. Your home inspector can tell you if the termite damage has compromised the foundations of your home or detect whether other less harmful pests have opened holes on walls that could open portals of entry to more damaging pests.

Home inspectors play a vital role in the lives of homeowners because they can save you from a great deal of stress and hassle before it even begins.

Here Are Your Amazing List And Tips For Running A Popular Pest Infestation Home Inspection



The formula for a successful internet shop starts with market analysis. Building traffic and engaging curious customers are two of the most important things for your Pest Infestation Home Inspection, so you need to find new, creative methods to attract customers. Creating a great advertising plan and creating traffic may appear like challenging tasks, so here really are several plans to get you started.

It is essential to have quick loading web pages to keep visitors engaged when they are visiting your Pest Infestation Home Inspection. Research shows that the average amount of experienced people will devote to a single Pest Infestation Home Inspection is less than ten seconds. Two of the greatest tricks for cutting page load times are eliminating graphics that do not complement your content and compressing the pictures that remain. You’ll also see your site’s operating speed increase if you have it hosted on a dedicated server.

For your Pest Infestation Home Inspection to function as well as possible, it’s going to need to have a high loading speed. You can increase your Pest Infestation Home Inspection’s operating speed by working with a top-notch web hosting company. Speed and functionality of the Pest Infestation Home Inspection can be improved by the use of CSS. Ask you Pest Infestation Home Inspection designer about his experience with increasing speed and functionality on Pest Infestation Home Inspections to check whether you’ve made the right choice.

To obtain a sizable backing on the online, sites need to look good and run even better. Expert web developers will warn you against using funky fonts, wild color schemes, and an excess of visuals that compete for the gestures of a regular visitor. Before your Pest Infestation Home Inspection publication, you should ensure that you have proofread it for errors in spelling and linguistic areas. You do not want to lose business because visitors to your Pest Infestation Home Inspection have the impression that you are uneducated or incompetent because of a few slip-ups.

Even though perfection isn’t a real thing, you need always to push to build the very best site that you possibly can. Invest some energy taking a goose at your Pest Infestation Home Inspection from every diverse point and enhance it when required. It isn’t easy to create a Pest Infestation Home Inspection, and it can potentially be anything that takes up a lot of your time. A lot of men and women assume that a great site is similar to that of art, so make sure that you produce yours with the awareness that’s needed.

You need to be cautious when finding an internet designer that can prepare your own professional Pest Infestation Home Inspection. Be very specific about how you want your Pest Infestation Home Inspection to look and the way it should function. The detailed plan will promise that you get your desired result. Make sure that before you work with a designer, you’re taking a look at what they have done in the past to discover out if it agrees with your vision.

What Water Damage Does To You and Your Home


The causes of water damage are as varied as its effects. It could spring from broken dishwashers, leaking pipes and even snow melting. Because the causes are common, it happens to almost every house owner. That’s why it’s important to know what damages it can cause, especially the health hazards. The effects can begin within minutes, and it only worsens as the days go by.

How It Damages Your Property



  • After minutes

Damage begins the moment anything is submerged in water, and within minutes secondary damage spreads. Anything made of paper, like wallpaper or paintings, will swell, warp, then split. Furniture, especially antiques, will discolor, and anything with wood or metal will begin to transfer stains.

  • After hours

The odor becomes very prominent, especially if the space is entirely enclosed. Furniture which was once only discoloring will begin to delaminate, swell and warp. For any furniture with legs, it will show signs of splitting. The same will happen to anything that has finish, like the stairs, cupboards and shelves. Metal will continue to tarnish, as the drywall installations soak up the standing water.

  • After days

Anything with metal materials has already begun to rust, while the doors and windows swell, warp then split. Any form of electronics will be difficult to salvage and will most likely short circuit if you try to use them. A few days of soaking can already render your drywall installation useless because it will swell disintegrate in that short period. Water damage on pianos will begin to show because at the length being submerged in water, the components inside of it will swell.

  • After weeks

At this point, nothing can be done about wood or metal furniture or fixtures because it has already been destroyed on a chemical level. If in weeks, nothing is done about the water issue mold spores will spread. These spores will erode and ruin natural fiber, from paper to the actual foundation of the house. The best approach to this kind of damage is to demolish and replace everything to pass future home inspections.


How It Affects Your Health



  • After days

Within a couple of days, water turns into gray water. What that means is that the water could be contaminated and carrying microorganisms enough to cause a variety of diseases to people. This has little to do with the amount of stagnant water because the same health hazards could happen with dishwasher leaks and an overflowing toilet. As long as the water has been there for days, it could have already bred bacteria, viruses, fungi or algae.

  • After weeks

After a week, stagnant water becomes black water, meaning it carries pathogens that compromise the health of individuals in close contact with it. The number of diseases it carries is comparable to water from the sewage, and this is true regardless of the color or severity of its odor. The quality of air is also so bad at this point that it requires proper protection before going anywhere near the area.


How To Rid Your Home of Molds

Mold infestation is a nightmare for any homeowner. Not only is the smell intolerable, but it’s also a health hazard for anyone living in a mold-infested space. It has a lot of adverse effects, from the headaches, irritated eyes, a runny nose and coughing to a life-threatening neurological problem. It’s needless to say that this issue has to be handled as soon as possible and in a very effective manner,else it can really harm you and your family.


What you need to know though is that a mold infestation is often a sign of a bigger issue. It could anything from a moisture problem to a water leak. Whatever the cause is, you have to quickly decide how to handle it. You can either seek a professional mold removal company or do it yourself.

Doing It Yourself

A DIY is only effective and recommended if the you are sure that the extend of mold damage is mild, and will not be a threat to your health. That means that you have to check which parts of your home is affected, and in doing that, you have to wear protective gear and clothes that you’re okay throwing away after.

Once you’ve located that mold, prepare a 1 part bleach, 8 parts water solution which you will use to scrub any surface covered with mold. Not all areas will visibly show signs of mold infestation, so you’ll have assess areas close to these surfaces by following the musty scent or checking how mushy the wall is.


As you’re removing the mold, you also have to worry about the spores. Make sure that your air conditioner and furnace are turned off, and your doors and ducts are sealed off. You can also spray all mold infested surfaces with water while it’s awaiting scrubbing to stop the spores from further spreading.

It’s also important to get rid of carpets, throw pillows, blankets and any other fixtures or design elements in your home that’s in close contact with the areas you are sanitizing. It’s best to wrap them plastic or put them in a bag, seal them and throw them out.


If you think that the mold infestation has breached the structure of the home and has spread throughout it, it might be best to call in professional help. They can sort out the source of the mold infestation, stir you and your family away from the possible hazards of a DIY solution, and make sure that they are able to drive out the mold from every part of your home, even those which are hard to reach.